Job Description

As a Merchandiser, your basic job standard is to assist the sales team to which you have been assigned through delivery of product, merchandising that product, filling in at job positions where required or requested as well as the marketing and proper representation distributed by Chesapeake Beverage Co.

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Assigned Tasks: General Knowledge

  • Learn the proper way to deliver, store, rotate, display and handle draft beer and package beer by working with the salesman and team leader
  • Learn how to use the selling unit
  • Become familiar with what packages are on promotion at the proper time by attending all team meetings
  • Learn the names of the owners and managers of the accounts assigned your work group. Develop a rapport with your customers
General Responsibilities
  • Learn the accounts on all assigned routes in the work group and the sequence in which they are to be worked
  • Become familiar with the brands, both package and draft, carried by each account
  • Learn how the route book is used to determine the basic stock requirements carried by each account. NEVER leave the warehouse to fill in on a route without the proper route book.
  • Learn where display areas are located in each account
  • Attend company , seminar ,and team meetings each week when requested
  • Assist Salesman in the following areas at all times --- product rotation, product delivery (rolling product in accounts), and display building, cleaning and maintaining all permanent P.O.S.
  • Always ask questions if you do not know the answer to any problem before taking action
  • Always bring any problems to your Team Leader
Fill-In Responsibilities
  • Follow the instructions of the Salesman and Team Leader of your team
  • Never leave the warehouse with any product or other merchandise before being checked out by the Warehouse Manager
  • If there are any questions concerning an order, ask the appropriate personnel for direction before leaving the warehouse
  • Always double check your sales tickets to minimize the number of possible errors
  • Observe all the proper rotation regulations when stocking any retail account
  Other Required Tasks:
  • Complete any duties assigned you by any manager or your salesman. Communicate all request with your team leader
  • Daily, assist in loading trucks for your work group in the morning to help all of the delivery personnel arrive at his or her first account on a timely basis
  • Assist with special events as requested
  • Install point of sales items as requested by your Team Leader
  • Clean out the inside of any delivery vehicle used by you daily to include, but not limited to, snack wrappers, signs, pallets and all trash.  Wash the outside of any vehicle used by you once per week
  • When loading any delivery vehicle, use extreme caution to prevent damage or injury.  Report any injury or damage immediately
  • Report damage to any equipment or product immediately
  • Read the company handbook and policy manual.  Compliance with all guidelines are required for continued employment
  • Document and place all P.O.S. in the assigned areas that are delivered daily into the drive thru. Take the bill of lading directly to the warehouse manager.
  • All company property and money is to be safeguarded as if it was your personal property.  Any company property that is damaged or money that is short will be your responsibility to pay back to the company.  When filling in for a driver on a route,  you are in charge of all monies and property.
  This job standard is not intended to be all-inclusive.  The employee assigned to this position will be expected to perform other reasonably related business duties as requested by the immediate supervisor and other management as required. Chesapeake Beverage does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, retaliation, parental status, military service, or other non-merit factor  

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